Gary David Hall elected to Society’s Cyber Guru Hall of Fame

John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Boston based Real Estate CyberSpace Society has announced that Gary David Hall of RE-ACT has been elected to the Society’s Real Estate Cyber Guru Hall of Fame. He explained that Gary was honored because of his dedication to helping peers in the real estate industry to use the powerful emerging technologies to more effectively serve their clients.

As part of the peer service cited by the Society, Hall will serve as a Society expert with a service totally unique to the real estate Internet community. The Society calls this new service the “Cyber Guru Hall of Fame Real Estate HelpLine”

According to Peckham, Hall is one of 235 Society members so honored, each one a specialist in a particular program, product or service who serve as expert contacts for the Society’s HelpLine. The Society’s CyberGurus answer other Society members’ questions in their area of expertise. If a member has a question or problem in any one of the 60 categories of Cyber Programs, Issues or Services covered by the HelpLine, they can contact the member specialist in that area directly from the Member Section of Society’s Web site at One click on the chosen Guru, assigned by categories, brings up the HelpLine request and the member’s question to the Guru is on it’s way over the Internet or by phone.

Peckham explained that members get their answer back pronto — either directly on the phone or by E-Mail, from fellow member experts, such as Hall, who understand the program or service as a real estate practitioner. An example of some of the 81 Cyber areas covered are : AOL, Planease, Digital Cameras, ListServers, Mapping, Act, Excel, Power Point, MS Publisher, Ms Word, Net Mailer –and a wide array of categories of particular interest to real estate professionals.

The Society claims that The CyberGuru Hall of Fame Real Estate HelpLine is a unique Internet concept that is based on the philosophy of community fostered by the Society. In less than 8 years over 7000 real estate professionals have joined the Society that has grown to a worldwide organization with over 100 Chapters in 25 countries. Peckham said that members thrive in real estate cyberspace using the 18 tools and services of the Society all included with membership. He said that the CyberGuru Real Estate HelpLine joins an existing array of innovative Society services.

Peckham concluded by stating that all of the Society’s tools and services, including the HelpLine, are included at no extra cost to members and he invited real estate professionals to visit the Society at or to contact the Society toll free for membership information at 888-344-0027.

He praised Hall for being a part of this unique real estate community effort and for helping to lead the real estate industry as it moves rapidly into the CyberAge.

Gary has been interviewed by Jack Peckham for Cyberspace Radio. You can hear his interview on “Permanent E-mail Addresses” by clicking here.


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