IXACT Contact announces Broker Related Enhancements

An announcement from IXACT Contact!!!

IXACT Contact is excited to announce the first release of the Broker Portal which will allow authorized users at the broker level to do the following:

  • See a searchable list of all accounts created under the brokers partner code
  • See key data points om each account including:
    • Account Status
    • Account Type (individual vs. team leader vs. team member
    • Account Created Date
    • Last Login
    • Number of Contacts
  • The ability to cancel or reactivate accounts
  • The ability to publish (or unpublish) email and letter templates to all agent accounts
  • The ability to publish (or unpublish) activity plans to all agent accounts

We are also pleased to announce some important features in the IXACT Contact Recruiter version of IXACT Contact. You can now set your prospecting and hiring goals each year using the Goal Setting feature, and track how how you’re doing using the Prospecting Activities Dashboard widget. We have also added new ways to search your prospect database including contact history and note keyword searches, as well as the ability to find contact profiles missing key data points like email address or phone number. 

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