New Content! Real Estate Machine!

Years ago I affiliated with Real Estate Machine but they have re-invented themselves and have a great new look!

Whatever else you’re doing to drip on your peeps, new content is always worth a look. 

Whether you’re a brand new real estate agent who doesn’t really know where to start or a seasoned veteran who’s looking to reach a new audience, Real Estate Machine is here to help!

Keeping in touch is critical to an agent’s success but it’s a job that’s often overlooked. Our electronic newsletter is the best way to keep in touch as it’s automated, customizable and inexpensive. Best of all…our service is so simple that anyone can use it!

Real Estate Machine Newsletter LiveThey’ve been doing electronic newsletters since 2003! It comes completely re

Real Estate Machine Facebook Post 1

ady to go each month so the branded newsletter will go out each month without the you having to lift a finger. But – if you like, you can customize it with your own content. You can even create different versions of newsletters for different neighborhoods if you like.

This is the newsletter on the left and they also have Facebook posts!

Sending content to people on a regular and fairly frequent basis is something a lot of very successful agents do. Different content each week in some cases. Check this one out and see if it might be one of them!

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