WiseAgent Mobile Interface!

Synching has always been the way to view your CRM data on your phone. Unfortunately there tend to be inherent problems with it. Sometimes the synch doesn’t work well, especially with calendar items. It also doesn’t offer any more than the address book and calendar and on occasion some to-do’s. A mobile interface is not a synch.  It is looking at the live database on the CRM’s servers so there are no synching issues. This is the way the industry is trending and it’s a welcome change.

Not only does the WiseAgent mobile interface give you more than just contact and calendar (calendar coming very soon) information, but provides a call list as well. Another significant difference is that if you really want to access information that is not in the other mobile buttons, you can go directly to the standard site from it.

Another feature that I think maybe WiseAgent mobile interface can claim a very first in the industry for, is for you lefties! The interface can be set for lefties which means you can choose on which side the check boxes appear. Pretty cool!

I offer WiseAgent with an extended free trial and I include my Trans-Plans Listing and Closing E-mails/Letters. Just click here for more details.

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