Meet me at Buffini in Philly

I’ll be at the Brian Buffini Success Tour in Philadelphia tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th and possibly Thursday as well. I am in the process of affiliating with them as a reseller for their CRM – Referral Maker, and am looking forward to meeting their team. If you’re going to be there and would like to meet, just text me at 215.813.2495. Hope to see you there!

Real Estate Grad School hosting Gary David Hall for CRM Webinar

Rich Levin of Real Estate Grad School will be hosting a webinar where I will be answering questions such as:

  • Are there different CRMs you recommend for different levels of agents?
  • There is no best CRM. There is only the one that is best you, based on your aptitude, current needs and future goals.
  • What steps can I take to increase my chances of getting a CRM and sticking with it?​
  • ​Why not get a cheaper CRM with less features in the beginning and move to a better one when I can afford it?​
  • ​There are a lot of really good CRMs that are not specifically made for the real estate industry. When is it appropriate to get one of them vs one created for Real Estate?

The webinar was on August 21st at 11:30 EST.

Real Estate CRM Tips – Google Hangout

Real Estate CRM Tips such as how to filter comments made by other agents about different CRMs; how to organize your time to learn a CRM; what can be done with a CRM and more.

This is a Google+ Hangout with Rob interviewing me and asking lots of questions. Rob is a broker in the Salt Lake City area and is very much into his real estate tech. I originally met him when he contacted me to do a webinar for the Salt Lake City Board of Realtors®

ABR – REBAC Webinar – Contacts to Contracts in Your CRM

REBAC Will host Gary for a webinar about the various features used to add and follow up on leads, along with a comparison of five different CRMs and which features they have.

If you are an ABR you can register on their site. The event is March 27th, 12:00-1:00 EDT 2014.

Salt Lake Board of Realtors Tech Summit Webinar – Picking a CRM

Salt Lake Board hosted Gary for two Webinars – “Top 10 things to look for in a CRM” and “Trending CRM Features”.

Real Estate Dominance Webinar hosted Gary for a Webinar – “Top 10 things to look for in a CRM.” Listen to it! – Click here to hear it – FREE.

Top 10 Must-Haves for a Real Estate CRM

Online Dominance – REDominance Live Group Coaching

Tuesday July 16, 2013 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm EASTERN
Need to double check the session start in your time zone? Check Here!

If you don’t know what features should be in your CRM, how do know if what you have is the best one for you, or the one you are looking at is better?

To make a better decision, don’t miss REDominance Live Group Coaching this Tuesday when Gary David Hall joins us.

Gary literally wrote the book on Real Estate CRM – “Choosing & Using a Contact Manager or CRM – For Real Estate Agents & Teams.” Nobody knows more about choosing and using CRM in the real estate business!

Join us and:

  • See how e-mail can be stored in your CRM’s contact history
  • Discover different methods to share your address book and calendar with your phone
  • Learn to implement Activity Plans with Drip Campaigns
  • Understand why appointments and tasks should be linked to contacts and properties. will be hosting Gary for a Webinar – “Top 10 things to look for in a CRM.” Sign up by going to their site at

Recorded CRM Webinar invitation

I am proud to invite you to a recorded Point2 Success Webinar I presented on Tuesday the 12th. The webinar is entitled “Tips to Better Use CRM’s to Generate and Cultivate Leads”.

You can view the recorded webinar by going to the link below. It is approximately 45 minutes in length and followed by participant’s questions.

At the end of the  webinar a link will be provided to a Yardi eLearning tool which is also free with no obligation. In there is a review of six of my favorite CRMs entitled “Comparing CRM Tools to Find the Most Effective One for You”.

I hope you enjoy! It was attended by hundreds, well received, and generated many questions.

Point2 Success Webinar – CRM

Are you up to speed with today’s Customer Relationship Management tools and what they can do to make real estate professionals more productive?

Be sure to tune in Tuesday for the Point2 Success Webinar featuring subject matter expert Gary David Hall. Both Saul and I have worked with Gary for many years going back to e-PRO Trainer days. He’s the best. A former practicing broker turned technology specialist with an emphasis on CRM. You don’t want to miss this one.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) expert Gary David Hall will provide strategies and tips for using a CRM tool to not only do more with the leads you currently have, but ways in which you can use the tool to generate more. More leads, more sales opportunities, more revenue potential!

You will learn:
1. Ways to have your CRM mobile and with you at all times
2. How follow-up campaigns can help you work smarter, not harder
3. Building value through CRM tools
4. How to farm an area to gain more leads
5. Effectively using email and your CRM tool

Join us on Tuesday, February 12, 2013
1:00 EST/ 12:00 CST / 11:00 MST / 10:00 PST

This 36 minute webinar will give you some great ways to build your business and leads!

Reserve your seat now, as space is limited! Go to:

Webinar for

The Top 10 Features in CRMs

Gary David Hall was invited by Kim Woods of The Tech Byte to talk about CRM. 27 minute Power Point Presentation online.