Realvolve Workflows Define Power

My first CRM in 1988 was Real Estate Specialist. It was DOS! It had something called Activity Plans, which are a set of automated reminders to do things such as send an email, make a call, send a letter, etc., You can sell a house and start this plan, and the reminders come up on […]

Where is your business’s information stored? Part 5 of 6

Where is your business’s information stored? If it takes time to find it, time is money! Before I got a CRM I had a Daytimers, Post-its (lotsa Post-its), envelopes, a desktop calendar blotter, napkins,  a notebook, an address book, etc. That was in the early 90’s! Now it’s even worse! Now you also have information […]

Mobility with your CRM. Part 4 of 6

One of the biggest misconceptions when people consider a CRM is that they will be tied to their computer.  This may have been the case some years ago but at this point, most real estate CRMs have a mobile version. The mobile CRM versions don’t do everything the desktop versions do, but they shouldn’t. Some […]

The Pain of Growth. Part 3 of 6

It seems that by and large, nothing significant is accomplished without the pain of stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s no different with CRMs. You currently have methods and procedures in place and they work for you. You’ve reached a level of efficiency, you know what you’re doing and things flow well. But, given that […]

How long does it take to learn a a CRM? Part 2 of 6

The only correct answer to this question is – it depends. But I’ll see if I can narrow it down a bit for you. Generally speaking, if you spend time with your CRM every day for at least an hour first thing in the morning, you should be able to conquer the more simple aspects […]

Why is it so difficult to stay with a CRM? Part 1 of 6

First and foremost is that you need to make CRM a habit. That’s the part where most people fail right from the get go. It’s 32 years that I’ve been in this business and 20 years of selling and coaching people on CRM. I’ve found that there are some consistent reasons why people don’t stick […]