Learning to use your CRM software

First let me say that I sympathize with your situation. I cannot however, agree with your sentiments. I’m sorry, but I feel compelled to do a bit of a ‘rant’.  I will no doubt get flak for it, but I know there are people that have made the time to learn these programs, that will […]

Transaction Management Platforms

It is inevitable that Online Transaction Management Platforms will be pervasive in the Real Estate industry at some point in the relatively near future. I’ve heard numbers from agents saying that it saves them 30% of their time per transaction. It saves agents, ancillary service providers, and consumers, time. That said, more players are jumping […]

Now affiliated with Top Producer & seven others

I’ve been getting very good feedback for some time now, from my sphere of influence, list-servs, forums, and many others. That’s one of the many reasons I am now affiliated with Top Producer. I’ve been advising people that call me about Contact Management solutions to take a look at TP too many times in the last year […]

“Stressed out? Get Organized with WorkFlows”

One of my other posts about combining activities in plans, prompted me to expand on that topic and go a little further.  The result is the following post.  Some of it is a repeat, but most is not. There are a fair number of ‘Agent Productivity’ software programs and services available that enable the user […]

Agent Office vs. Top Producer – Your opinion please?

Disclosure. I am a reseller for Agent Office.  I am currently working on affiliating with TP, as I believe it can be a more appropriate choice, depending upon one’s needs. That said, those of you that know me and my site, know that I am a reseller for several other CRM tools, and make a list of yet many others readily […]

Combining Activities in Workflows

I used “Activity Plans’ or ‘Campaigns’ in Real Estate specific software when I was an agent, when the software became available in 1989. (DOS program 🙂 Since then, I’ve worked with many agents/teams since 1996. expanding/developing ‘Activity Plans’ in Agent Office and a few in ‘Top Producer’ in my ‘Tech-Speed’ program. Efficiency is obviously the desired end […]