Exporting Notes & Types from TP6i

I just saw a post from someone who was using Top Producer 6i, and bought Agent Office. They were unaware that you can get Top Producer’s “Types” or the ‘notes’ to transfer to Agent Office. So…..here’s how to do it. While in TP 6i, click  on ‘Setup’, ‘Export Data’, ‘Send to Top Producer 6i’, ‘Display […]

Agent Office Compatibility – Version 10.0

I have had people ask me what ‘Vista’ is, so I’ll start out by saying it is the Windows Operating System (OS) which succeeds Windows XP. AgentOffice has just released Version 10.0. 99.9% of the difference between Version 9.x and Version 10.0 is Vista compatibility.  The other .1% is aesthetics. By the latter I mean the icons on the top of the […]

Trans-Plans WorkFlows/Activity Plans/Action Plans

As you hopefully know, I am a reseller Top Producer 8i, Agent Office, Active Agent for Outlook, and many other Contact Management/CRM solutions,and a trainer for Agent Office. Just in case you are unaware, I am also the guy that created Trans-Plans. Trans-Plans are available for Top Producer, Agent Office, and Active Agent for Outlook. ‘In Agent Office and Active Agent […]

Top Producer 7i & Agent Office News!

Regardless of what software company it is, you should never hold your breath waiting for a software release, based upon when it was supposed to come out.  They make their best projections, and sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t. You should also, as a general rule of thumb, not install upgrades for any kind of […]

Do an export NOW if you have Top Producer 6i

For those of you who have not yet made a decision on what to move to if you have TP6i, you need to do this now! If you are going to move to Top Producer 7i prior to the end of the month when support ends for 6i, you’re fine. If you are going to […]

A History & Partial Listing of Contact Management Tools in Real Estate – Part 3 of 3

Believe it or not, there are many more out there! I spend much of my time asking people specific questions to determine their needs, and then recommending the solution that best suits their needs. Let me please make one thing clear.  There is NO one program/application that is THE BEST!  Which one is the best […]