CRM Reviews on YouTube

It’s very overdue, but I’m finally getting around to doing CRM reviews on YouTube. I currently have a three part review of Top Producer, and in the next week or so I’ll be reviewing IXACTContact, WiseAgent, Realvolve, Contactually, and Referral Maker.

This particular series of reviews is going to follow along the lines of what I have done on my reviews on my site. To do a thorough review of a CRM and include all of it’s features would make the videos too long. So I’m going to focus on each CRMs Unique or Notable Features. Unique is just that. No one else has that feature. Notable is something that this particular CRM does that is either better than the others, or it just has a different twist to it, making it Notable. To get to my channel, which is also called All Things Real Estate CRMclick here!

Hope you enjoy!

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