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What is Market Snapshot – in a nutshell?

Listings, recent sales, neighborhood market trends, community information and school information packaged to be presented on your web site, shared on Facebook, or delivered to your sphere of influence via email. It is a sophisticated and intelligent way of following up and keeping in touch with clients but it can also be used as a powerful lead gen tool via widgets implemented into websites and free stand-alone landing pages.

If you’ve been a real estate agent for very long at all you know that when it comes to information, nothing has a higher perception of value to buyers and sellers than than seeing the listings and sales in their neighborhood or in the neighborhood they are considering moving to. Nothing.

Nothing is more important than following up with prospects and past clients. If you don’t do it, someone else will and then they get the sale instead of you. I have seen a major trend in the industry the last couple years, of agents being more discerning and looking for better things to use to facilitate that follow-up. Back in the day agents followed up with postal mail pieces. Smart agents are still doing some postal mailing. Different people have different preferences and if you can hit them with postal mail, email and phone calls, then it stands to reason that you will have better success with your target recipients.

The advent of email drip campaigns was widely embraced because it is free and easy. Set it and forget it. They’re better than nothing at all but not necessarily a heck of a lot better. If no one opens it because it is not interesting to them then you get your name in front of them but that’s about it.

If you’re going to email something to prospects and and your SOI (sphere of influence) then you want to do your best to ensure it is something they are actually interested in. Nothing you can send in an email is going to be viewed and appreciated by everyone you send it to. But if you can send something that more people open, then you’re doing the best you can.

That’s what makes Market Snapshot so valuable as a way to stay in front of your prospects and your sphere of influence. It is universally clear that this kind of information is perceived as more valuable than anything else you could send them.

The web site aspect of Market Snapshot is a great tool for snagging leads off your site because it is a great call to action item that is hard to beat. Not only does it show the visitor active listings and sales in their neighborhood, but it also has outstanding Community and School information. This is all the kinds of information you have to have your siute anyway, so why not use this?

Now, in all candor if you are not getting traffic to your web site then it’s not likely you’re going to have more leads than you can handle because you have Market Snapshot on your site. But if you don’t have a poplar site or you don’t have one at all, it’s still worth it for the follow-up value.

Following are some images of the different aspects of the market Snapshot

Market Snapshot Report

Market Snapshot Report

Market Snapshot Report
Market Snapshot Aerial view

Market Snapshot Aerial view

Market Snapshot Community Info

Market Snapshot Community Info

Market Snapshot Scool Report

Market Snapshot Scool Report


This is what it looks like on a Smart Phone and Tablet

Market Snapshot Mobile

Market Snapshot Tablet UI

Master Your Local Market

Market Snapshot’s “Comparative Market Analysis” puts you in the driver’s seat of your own local locomotive. Publish the freshest neighborhood data on your real estate website, or provide direct links to your insights from your email signature or online marketing. And you can set it and forget it. Once you hit publish, it’s full steam ahead – we update the data automatically for you, so you won’t have to go back and redo your work.

Market Snapshot Pages

Market Snapshot Newsletter

Stay in Touch with Your Neighborhood Newsletter

Send your prospects and sphere the information they want on a regular basis with Market Snapshot’s monthly newsletters. Share the latest local market trends, and give prospects the inside scoop on what’s happening in their favorite neighborhoods. And this newsletter’s not delivered by pony express, you have full integration with everything you do online. Send it by email, post a “subscribe” button on your website and blog, or have people sign up through your Facebook business page to create a comprehensive local online strategy.

Find Your Hottest Leads

Market Snapshot gives you a deep understanding of prospect interest, so you can focus on your hot internet leads and incubate the warm ones. You’ll see exactly who’s responding to your market reports and how often they’re looking at them, while also getting some insight into their specific real estate interests. Plus, you’ll have all of your prospect contact information at your fingertips, so you can follow up fast and turn that hot lead into another client.

Market Snapshot Funnel

Market Snapshot Social Media
Share Your Knowledge with Social Media
Real estate’s a social business, and now, you can share your market knowledge easily on Social Media’s #1 site, Facebook®. Market Snapshot lets you turn your Facebook® business page into the local hub for real estate with monthly real estate market reports that are posted to your business page. You’ll be able to create a buzz and start the local conversation, and turn your business page into the local real estate hangout.
Integrates Seamlessly Online and Offline
Market Snapshot is designed to plug-in effortlessly to what you’re already doing – it’s the perfect lead-generation to complement your existing marketing efforts. Add a Market Snapshot internet lead capture form to your website, then, update your ads, postcards, and flyers to offer a free subscription to the latest local market reports and comparative market analysis. You’ll augment your marketing with powerful lead-generation, and deliver consumers the exact information they want to see.
Market Snapshot Cog

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