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As a real estate agent, when it comes to the time between contract and closing, you are a conductor. You have all the players and you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. How much time do you spend checking details of each transaction and then either calling or emailing the responsible parties to make sure they are doing what they should be doing, when they should be doing it?

Sending those reminders is what AOSDates does for you, automatically and inexpensively. You get a contract, you transcribe the number of days after the contract or before closing you want to send the reminders out, and you’re done. You can make it as simple or as comprehensive as you like. Now not only do you not have to spend all that time finding out what reminders to provide to whom, but you can’t FORGET! The system does it for you.

As much as I try to show people the many advantages of using your CRM for transaction management, many don’t want to do it. It takes time to get them set up and most agents don’t understand the value. So – in comes AOSdates.  It is essentially a tool that is very easy to set up and use, that reminds you, your clients and any other parties in the transaction when a task is due, as well as generating reports and schedules for said tasks.

If you have spent much time on this site, you know that I generally only have CRMs for sale and just a hand-picked few other products which are here under “Follow-up”. I was approached by Heather to talk about her new product and I was very impressed when she showed me. My transaction management plans are set up to cover every little detail. Easily over 100 per transaction. AOSdates simplifies the whole process. You just decide what tasks, such as a mortgage commitment date, that you want to be reminded of. You also add the parties involved.

The difference between using them in a CRM vs AOSDates is simplicity. If you don’t want to use your CRM to do transaction management, but you might want to try something easier to accomplish part of what that does, you probably want to check this out.


On the dashboard you can view all your current transactions and they are listed by Buyer Agent, Seller Agent, or Dual Agent. When you click on Report on the right, you see the next screen – AOS Report.

AOSdates Dashboard

AOS Report

The report shows you the property information at the top and then lists all the tasks you have set up and when they are due.

AOSdates report

AOS Default

This is the screen where you set up what tasks you want to remind people of, when, and to whom you would like to send them.

AOSdates Reminders

Introductory Email

This email goes out to the other agent to invite them into the transaction. All the template emails are already done for you and should probably not need much if any tweaking.

AOSdates Introduction Email

Email Reminders

This is an example of a reminder email being sent to a client.

AOSdates Email Reminder