Trans-Plans Real Estate Transaction Management Activity Plans & Drip Campaigns

The biggest misconception I hear about Trans-Plans is:

“We have an office coordinator who does that.”

Regardless of how much your office conveyancer or transaction coordinator does for you, I GUARANTEE YOU they do not do at least half of what are in Trans-Plans, which is all the other things you do. If they do – you can have them for free!

The following programs have either no activity plans for listings and closings, or starter plans at best. Trans-Plans are extremely comprehensive Real Estate Transaction Management plans, easily saving you 100 hours or more.garydavidhall trans-plans

These Real Estate Transaction Management plans are currently available for the following software programs and services. More are on the way!

Real Estate Transaction Management Trans-Plans for:

Click on one of the following for images of what Trans-Plans look like in that CRM and a detailed description of what they contain.

Can’t get your head around these things? Exactly what are they made up of and exactly how are they used in your CRM? 

Screen share with me and I’ll show them to you live in the CRM of your choice above. It will all make sense in five minutes.

These Real Estate Transaction Management plans and e-mails/letters import into the program you are using, and included in the plans are drip mail/email campaigns to thank referrers throughout the listing and closing process, keep your clients informed and therefore calmed down, always asking for referrals at the same time.

Most if not all states fall into one of two categories:

1) They either are or are not “Title States”.
2) They either are or are not required to have an attorney on both sides of the transaction.

These Real Estate Transaction Management plans were initially created for the Pennsylvania market which is a Title State, which does not require attorneys on both sides. By working one on one implementing them with agents and teams in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Missouri, Mississippi, California, Hawaii, Washington, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts, they have been expanded to the point where they are appropriate for virtually all markets. The point is that they will probably cover at least 95% of what you do in your market, no matter which state you are in. Tailoring the balance of them to meet your market’s needs is easy compared to starting from scratch.

What will Real Estate Transaction Management Trans-Plans do for you?

  • Reduce your overall stress level more than ANY other single action you can take
  • Stop the details from “falling through the cracks”
  • Save you approximately 150 – 200 hours by not having to create and key in the plans and e-mails yourself
  • Keep you in touch with automated letters or e-mails, for your buyers and sellers throughout the listing and closing process
  • Give you a comprehensive “Action List” to present to buyers and sellers in your initial presentations with them
  • Significantly reduce the learning curve for new agents
  • Significantly reduce the time necessary to train a new assistant, or give your assistant a comprehensive list of their responsibilities. One that you can track!
  • Give you new ideas to differentiate you from your competition
  • Enable you to create and maintain a detailed history of your transaction for future reference
  • Provide an instant to-do list for someone helping you out while you’re on vacation
  • Enable you to provide detailed “Client Reports” for your buyers and sellers
  • Get FAR more paperless
  • If you have a team, everyone is assigned their individual tasks, which appear on their calendar – not yours!
  • If you have a team – you will stop playing “Who has the file?”

“I wanted to let you know how extremely useful I find the Trans-Plans you created. They are not only critical to ensuring that no details of my transactions fall through the cracks, but they are also extremely helpful in cueing me in to what I need to communicate to my clients. This not only helps my clients feel more confident that they are being cared for, and that their transaction is being looked after, it also lets them understand all that I am doing for them (something I never thought much about before). It also helps me greatly with follow-up.

I use your Trans-Plans with every client. They are definitely a great time saver and easy to customize. I have incorporated many new activities into my daily client service and communication, that not only help me look after my client better, but quite frankly, just make me look better. For example, the letter I send after a new client is under contract, has offered such reassurance to my first time homebuyers, and they have told me how much better the letter (a modified Trans-Plan letter) has made them feel.”

“I would like to offer a non-solicited plug for Gary’s ‘Real Estate Transaction Management Trans Plans’ action plans that he sells on his web site. I purchased them several months ago, and have been slowly modifying them to my way of doing business. I feel without his plans, I would not have been able to keep up my current production of 40+ transaction sides with no assistant.

To take your business to the next level, or just simplify your existing business, take a close look at what he has to offer. Thanks! ”

“…Finally I broke down and took a class from Gary David Hall. WOW! That was money Well Spent! Gary knows his programs and is a good teacher. I learned a whole lot and was able to put it to good use.

…Another point: Listing Plans come with the program. Gary Hall wrote a set called Real Estate Transaction Management Trans-Plans. They are VERY Thorough. I was surprised at some of the things he came up with to remind me to do. Some are not relevant to my practice but most are and it is very easy to delete the ones you don’t need.”

“I was fortunate to have found your website, and purchased the Trans-Plans during my first 6 months as an agent They enabled me to take my customer service from “zero to sixty” almost overnight by providing a level of service that many experienced agents haven’t yet considered. The plans quickly became an integral part of my business and I have continually adapted them to become my own.”