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Whether you’re a brand new real estate agent who doesn’t really know where to start or a seasoned veteran who’s looking to reach a new audience, Real Estate Machine is here to help!

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Keeping in touch is critical to an agent’s success but it’s a job that’s often overlooked. Our electronic newsletter is the best way to keep in touch as it’s automated, customizable and inexpensive. Best of all…our service is so simple that anyone can use it!

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Inside the Program

On the Dashboard, you’ll see when a new Newsletter has been created for you. You can then Preview and Edit it, then publish.

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On the Newsletters Tab, you can see all of your Newsletters along with their State, Delivery Date, and Delivery Status.

This page shows you everyone who is subscribed to the Newsletters, as well as a lot of great detail.

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Categories is where you will store your Newsletters in Categories so they are readily available and easy to find.

A list of Active and Pending Users is available in the Users Tab.

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This is your image library where both the images proved and any images you import.

All this for just $37/mo. ! Your first month is $1 and you get a 30 day free trial.

Real Estate Machine History

They’ve been doing electronic newsletters since 2003! It comes completely ready to go each month so the branded newsletter will go out each month without the you having to lift a finger. But – if you like, you can customize it with your own content. You can even create different versions of newsletters for different neighborhoods if you like.