“Stressed out? Get Organized with WorkFlows”

One of my other posts about combining activities in plans, prompted me to expand on that topic and go a little further.  The result is the following post.  Some of it is a repeat, but most is not. There are a fair number of ‘Agent Productivity’ software programs and services available that enable the user […]

Agent Office vs. Top Producer – Your opinion please?

Disclosure. I am a reseller for Agent Office.  I am currently working on affiliating with TP, as I believe it can be a more appropriate choice, depending upon one’s needs. That said, those of you that know me and my site, know that I am a reseller for several other CRM tools, and make a list of yet many others readily […]

Agent Office Version 9.0 is shipping!

FNIS has just announced an upgrade to Version 9.0 now.  It started shipping on July 5th. If you like you can order it now for $229. What’s in it? Activity Enhancements Ability to view All Users’ timeless and timed activities in the Scheduler. Ability to reassign mass activities from one AgentOffice user to another. On the Schedule an […]

Announcing “Trans-Plans” Listing & Closing Plans

Agent Office Activity Plans & Letters for Listings & Closings Two sets of plans One set of letters from ‘me’, one from ‘us’ Over 500 activities per set Most activities have extensive notes 28 letters you need to send Installs all plans & letters  in 7 clicks Calls you need to make To-do’s you need ‘to do’ MUCH […]

Agent Office purchased from FNRES by Emphasys Software!

Well it is official! While Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES) is still “taking care of business” until everything is transitioned over, as of October 29th, Emphasys Software is now at the helm of Agent Office! Emphasys is a Real Estate management, financial and compliance software solutions company. It offers a long list of Real […]

Gary David Hall elected to Society’s Cyber Guru Hall of Fame

John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Boston based Real Estate CyberSpace Society has announced that Gary David Hall of RE-ACT has been elected to the Society’s Real Estate Cyber Guru Hall of Fame. He explained that Gary was honored because of his dedication to helping peers in the real estate industry to use […]