Dave Beson Letter Writer Platinum

Dave Beson LetterWriter

“Real Estate agents have been buying Dave Beson’s “7 Years of Follow-up” for years. Now with his new ‘Platinum’ package, it will be the 10 year follow-up” – Gary

Dave Beson LetterWriter products are for lead follow-up, and post closing follow-up so don’t forget to check out
Trans-Plans Activity Plans & Letters for Listings & Closings!

“If you have Top Producer, Agent Office, Advantage Xi , Active Agent for Outlook, Respond, WiseAgent, Goldmine, Howard & Friends, or Agent’s 1st Choice, you have the ability to ‘launch’ “Follow-up campaigns”, also known as  “Activity Plans”. Most agents think of them as “Drip Campaigns”. If you are NOT launching ANY kind of follow-up campaigns, you ARE losing money by not getting the referrals you COULD be getting. Following are some things you SHOULD be doing!

As an agent, my business grew year over year in the late ’80’s and early 90’s market, when many were failing. My associates called me “The king of follow-up”. So when I say you should be doing it, to me it’s not an opinion, it’s a personally realized fact.” – Gary

Dave Beson LetterWriter Platinum

$99.00 for download only

267 letters in these categories:

10 Year Follow-up (60letters sent once every 60 days)

Why Choose Me as Your Agent

Platinum Service Solutions (24 letters sent every 60 days)

Changing Market Guidance (12 letters sent every 30 days)

TEAM Letters-promoting the benefits of using a team
Benefits of using my Real Estate team (12 letters sent every 30 days)

Unique qualities of my Real Estate team (12 letters sent every 60 days)

Prospecting and Lead Follow-Up

  • Follow-up on Buyer Inquiries (6 letters sent every 10 days)
  • Follow-up on Vacation/investment inquiry (6 letters sent every 30 days)

Farming for Buyers & Sellers (12 letters sent every 30 days)

Just sold letters (6 letters sent every 60 days)

Unique Markets 

  • Understanding Foreclosure Letters (12 letters sent every 15 days)
  • Baby Boomers, new Lifestyle letters (12 letters sent every 60 days)
  • Seniors, new lifestyle (12 letters sent every 60 days)
  • Recreation/Vacation/Investment letters after sale (12 letters sent every 90 days)

Realtor®-to-Realtor® Referral letters (6 letters sent every 60 days)

Designation Promotion

  • ePro designation promotion (12 letters sent every 30 days)
  • CRS designation promotion (12 letters sent every 30 days)

Legendary Letters

33 Touches and Beyond (33 letters)

Client Testimonial Letters (6 letters sent every 4 months)

Dave Beson LetterWriter
$99.00 for download only

  • Seven Year Follow-Up
  • PR Campaigns (including Holidays)
  • FSBO Prospecting
  • Buyer & Seller Follow-Up
  • Expired Listings
  • Referral Tracking Plan
  • Letters to Tenants

Dave Beson LetterWriterPlus
$99.00 for download only

  • Gold Mine Referrals
  • Builder Marketing Specialist
  • I Have A Buyer Looking
  • Holidays & Special Events
  • Open House Follow-Up
  • Real Estate Investor Prospecting
  • Relocation Lead Development
  • Favorite Homes Campaign

Dave Beson eLetterWriter
$99.00 for download only

  • Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
  • Holidays & Special Times
  • Just a Hint from Jessica
  • Moving One – Your Next Move
  • Lead Follow-Up
  • Client Follow-Up
  • Technology Tips – Save Time & $$
  • Four Year Follow-Up for Referrals

Get all four Dave Beson packages and save $97