Sample Trans-Plans Emails

Thank you for the listing email

Thank you for choosing us to help you get your home sold! We look forward to showing you we were the right choice!

So that we have the best chance to get your property sold in the shortest time and still get the best price possible under your specific circumstances, please realize that this is a team effort. If we work together our success will be greater and faster. This may sound like a lot of work and aggravation but please remember we are dealing with one of, if not the biggest financial transaction of your life. The harder we all work here the happier you’ll be in the long run. So here goes…

1. Help us market your home.

Some buyers can see through any clutter that may exist but most can’t. Your home needs to be in “perfect” condition every day because you never know when someone may want to see it. Most people don’t live in a “sterile” home but until your home sells, it needs to look like you’re expecting very important guests, because you are! Having all the beds made, bathrooms neat and clean, closets straight and tidy, dishes off the counters, etc., can get old fast. But the better job you do, the less time you’ll have to do it because it will sell faster. Sometimes a “better” home may take second place to a “lesser” home simply because the buyers felt more comfortable in the tidier home. We certainly don’t want that to happen.

2. This is extremely important! Please be gone whenever a prospective buyer shows up.

There are too many reasons to go into it here in detail but some are; many people will rush through the house because they feel they are inconveniencing you; personality conflicts; misstatements by either party; statements that don’t get on paper; the buyer’s unwillingness to voice objections in front of the agent, fearing the seller’s feelings may be hurt; the buyer’s…………………………….and more…………..

Price Adjustment Email

We just wanted to let you know that we have completed all the necessary administrative steps and made all the right contacts to get the word out that we have adjusted the list price on your home. Following is a partial list of what we did:

  • We changed the price in the Multiple Listing Service so it will now appear to agents with buyers in the new price range.
  • We made the appropriate changes on all the literature we’ve created for the marketing of your home.
  • We informed all the agents in our office so that they can inform their buyers.
  • We adjusted the price on all the Web sites in which your home appears.

While it would certainly have been to everyone’s advantage to have your home sell for the original price, the market has shown us that it would not bear it. So now that we’ve adjusted…………………………….and more…………..

Buyer Prep Email

Settlement day is almost here! I’m sending this letter to recap some details I’ve brought up throughout the transaction just in case I missed something, or you’ve forgotten something. Following is a list of things you must accomplish prior to and on closing day. Remember – closing day is a legal proceeding. The following items, if not accomplished, can prevent closing from occurring on time.

1) Remember to bring your drivers license or some type of official photo I.D. to the closing table with you.

2) You must have a bank or cashiers check made payable to your title company. I will call you 3-5 days prior to settlement with the amount you need to bring.

3) Call the title company and ask them to explain to you your options for “How do I take title to the property?

4) You should have a one year pre-paid homeowners insurance policy by now. A copy of the Declaration page should be sent to the mortgage company.

5) Some people have asked me in the past if they needed to be dressed up, for settlement. Absolutely not. Most people have been and will be moving and getting dirty. Wear whatever you like within reason.

6) If you have not already, you will receive …………………and more…………..